About Reach Out Street Kids

Reach Out Street Kids is an international charity organisation that inspires hope street-connected children by helping to provide for their welfare, education and training. The vulnerability of street-connected is the reason for the existence of ROSK. Without a shadow of doubt, we are convinced that street-connected children face more hardships than the average child in the world and will have to deal with social vices and the impact of sinking economies.

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Dr. Anna Asher Vanderpuye
Founding Chairperson

Dr. Anna Asher Vanderpuye is the Director of Reach Out Street kids. Her passion for children is exemplary and as a mother herself, she sees street children as treasures and gifts the world must not reject.

Solomon Yamoah

Solomon Yamoah is an educationist who has much passion for children. He desires that all children are not left behind, including street children who are equally potential assets to the world.

Sarfoh Danquah
Acting Project Officer

Sarfo Danquah is a development communicator passionate about finding sustainable solutions to societal ills. He believes street children deserve and can become more and of great benefit to the world at large.    

Getrude Akunlibe
Acting Project Officer

Getrude Akunlibe is a budding Computer Scientist who seeks to make impact in the lives of children. She passionately considers that; street children need to be given equal opportunities just like any other child.


We envision a society where every child, especially street-connected children can access their rights, no matter their background or race, hence leaving no behind.


To raise awareness and empathy about the living standards of street-connected children which will gather support for their incorporation into the society and so they will reach their fullest potential.

Contact Information

+233 203973435


1 Pig Farm Lane
Kotobaabi Abavana Down

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